Sample Essay

It was in year 1989 when the head of Citibank Asia consumer bank, Mr. Rana Talwar realized that the performance of Citibank in Asia had been pretty much convincing and worth satisfaction for the bank and wondered that some new advancements must be made in terms of new revenue streams so that the bank performance could be enhanced.

Therefore he realized that just like credit card system has been so successful in United States as well as in European countries, similarly credit cards system can be introduced and launched in Asia pacific region so that higher revenue must be generated and the potential clients in the Asia Pacific region would be catered in an effective manner. It was also realized that Asia Pacific & Middle east region has big market for credit card system and can be fruitful for the bank to launch this plan but at the same time with lack of technology there are high chances of bank facing losses due to money frauds and other similar scams.

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