Sample Essay

The other thing which is to be clarified is that the Region of Asia Pacific has the right technology to support the new system of credit card and the bank would not end up making losses after the system of credit card has been launched. As it has been suspected that Asia Pacific region is not compatible in terms of technology that is used in US and other European nations for the credit cards but it also needs to be mentioned that credit card technology has been working well in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia and the same technology can be used for Citibank credit cards.

It also needs to be clarified that Asia Pacific region won’t be the region where the Bank ends up making losses but it would be getting hold of those clients who would be availing the credit card service of Citibank and ensure that they don’t end up being the bad debts for the bank. Last but not the least, it also needs to be explained to the top management that the Bank if takes over any other credit card service that too can help the Citibank in getting started off with their campaign of credit card system furthermore if the Citibank aims for Greenfield marketing development even in that case the response would be in favor of Citibank. Therefore the move of launching Citibank credit cards must take a step forward so that clients could be facilitated and the bank too generates sufficient revenue.

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