Sample Essay

Frequently in an epic poem, the stratagem is intricate by paranormal life forms and events. Perfect illustration of this are when Beowulf has a clash with Grendel. Grendel has been portrayed as a monster and as is known to all, no such thing as a monster exists. This is also true for the dragon. All the way through times gone by, there is no evidence of the existence of a dragon that gets angry that a part of his treasure has been robbed. What is more is that at the time of Beowulf’s death we see him asking Wiglof to show him the treasure before he dies. It is known to all that no one can hold off their death till the time that they see a particular thing. These are perfect examples which portray that impediments are set up all the way through the scheme of an epic poem.
An epic poem generally puts forward the circumstances of superior and malevolence and existence and death. The epic poem Beowulf is inclusive of both of these things. The excellence is portrayed by using the proceedings of Beowulf and Wiglaf when they overcome the malevolence, which are revealed by Grendel, his mother, and the dragon. Superiority and iniquity always show the way to life and death. Life is portrayed by the good that live and death is portrayed by the evil that die most of the times. In Beowulf the good overpowered the evil. Beowulf was acknowledged by the Geats and the Danes as a very bighearted, kind, and brawny person, who would give away just about anything for the happiness and survival of others. These distinctiveness’ are what assist to categorize Beowulf as a proper epic hero.

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