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Apart from being locally hosted, by having a look from specialized point of view we can see that there are better reasons why cloud based services can be more secure. As compared to local installations, the cloud datacenter provides many essential elements which include physical safety, backup systems and rigid processes. At Google, Eran Feigenbaum who is the  Enterprise Security Director said (Ashford, 2009) “Cloud computing can be as protected, if not more safe, than what many companies currently do in the traditional surroundings”
High level of cloud computing is all about process integration as it is a motivating feature. Higher levels recommend hosting the whole process whereas lower levels suggest interfaces to put together the services into processes of the customer. Talking about micro payment, PayPal is a good example for current services of how a process can be transported to a trader. It was affirmed was Sirlt (Sirtl, 2009) that to enable quicker process design, there is a trend towards greater level services along with standard data models. He also stated the latest function of System Integrators or SI in the future. These kinds of organizations will now try to reach into more abstract process regions as they tend to be responsible for infrastructure.
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) along with process integration in a complicated job (Themistocleous & Corbitt, 2006). In those architectures, ERP systems had to be taken on towards integration together with the rise of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) in IT architectures. An example is specified in (Parker, 2007) for Coca Cola. The SOA acts as a facilitator where it adopts cloud based services into the infrastructure. It’s not an easy job showed by (Hoskins, 2008) that significant data sources and fast-growing adoption of SaaS applications along with the majority state-of-the-art SOA design must have capacity for legacy applications (p.2).

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