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Manufacturing was seen outsourcing by many organizations during the recent recession. This led to complexes of many different traders globally. Not only through customs brokers and freight forwarders but also through manufacturers and suppliers supply chain began to flow with manufacturing being held in China, Korea and other overseas locales. With quality goods in a period when you don’t want to overstock with the given systems and processes that follow manufacturing and delivery to make sure that orders are filled “just in time” (Shacklett 1).
Talking about high-tech manufacturing, which works in an extremely competitive and unpredictable market, there are some fast-moving industries moving toward adoption whereas Cloud-based supply chain management is not going to brush everyone in overnight. Particularly after the current economic downturn, which formed more outsourcing to where smaller amount of companies are doing their personal manufacturing anymore, executives would want a great deal of supply chain visibility as they can acquire for purposes of risk management. Cloud-based supply chain solutions provide a channel to mechanize many standard processes while supervising the exceptions more effectively plus it also provides these companies the capability to swiftly scale and compete as the global economy jumps back (Shacklett 1).

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