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Newly cloud computing has received a lot of consideration. Different opinions from being nothing novel that cloud computing will bring a total revolution in IT. Fascinatingly cloud computing has a lot more similarities with supply chain. This research paper questions if and how features of supply chain management can be applied to cloud computing. Regularly, the description efforts began into explanations of traits of cloud computing, citing (supply chain 1).
-Scalability: At any given time how much or how less a consumer uses
-complete management by the donor, so he requires only device with access to the internet (which typically entails a browser)
-Related Charges to utilize, often time.
(Mentzer, DeWitt, Keebler, Min, & al, 2001), describes a supply chain ―as a set of three or additional bodies (organizations or individuals) openly drawn in in the upstream and downstream flows of goods, services, finances, and/or information from a basis to a client‖ (p.4). Perceptibly the word is applied not only on physical goods but in addition on services similar to finance or information.

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