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Later on, when Albert Bandura (1977) decided to work on the theory, he took it on himself to expand on the ideas presented by Rotter, along with the work that was previously conducted on the theory “by Miller & Dollard (1941),and is related to social learning theories of Vygotsky and Lave. This theory incorporates aspects of behavioral and cognitive learning. Behavioral learning assumes that people’s environment (surroundings) cause people to behave in certain ways. Cognitive learning presumes that psychological factors are important for influencing how one behaves” (Social Learning Theory, 2008). The theory of social learning presents an amalgamation of environmental or social as well as psychological factors that have a major influence on an individual’s behavior. Social learning theory depicts three basic necessities for individual’s to acquire and pose behavior, inclusive of attention, which comprise of retention, which means recalling one’s own observations, reproduction or having the capability to reproduce the same attitude or behavior, and motivation, which means having a good reason to wish to take on the behavior.

In recent years, Walter Mischel, has produced his own work related to social learning theory, which he has built based on the work of both Rotter and Bandura. He has constructed the antigens of human behavior in specific situations with relation to “person variables”. These are inclusive of competencies, which are things we believe we can achieve, perceptions, which is our personal view of the environment, expectations, which is our anticipation of the result of our attitude and behavior, subject values, which are our objectives and thoughts and self-regulation and plans, which are our ideals for ourselves and our means for achieving our aims (Social Learning Theory, 2001).

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