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In order to collect data regarding best management practice to be adopted in quality control and improvement, certain officials of some production and service companies were approached and a brief interview was conducted with them to know what techniques they actually apply in improving quality standards at their organizations.

A lot of them had informed that ISO standards are what they have been complying with as most of their customers are well aware that the products or the services they actually seek must be certified with ISO standards. It was also observed during the interviews that ISO 9000 standard has been a strict code of standard set by international standards organization which not only satisfies the customers in purchasing certain offerings but also keeps the production process improved and well managed.

Therefore the prime method adopted in researching and collecting the data was through conducting brief interview with the employees or the management concerned staff handling the quality control and improvement sector. Furthermore, some questionnaires were also distributed among those companies whose officials were not available for the interviews.

Some secondary research material was also brought into use which mentions the experiences of managers using certain management processes for their manufacturing plants and their views on how those management processes actually responded.

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