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A number of issues need to be viewed and dealt with from various perspectives, which is what I have learnt through out my life, that too not just from school but from family as well. This is what I have thought well of before applying at Lehigh. Lehigh being a somewhat small university just 70 undergraduate programs proffers a number of cross disciplinary programs. I believe that this expansive and varied learning environment is what I need to help build up my standpoint to face the ever changing world. There is also the fact that due to the class sizes being small, close interaction between the students and the faculty would be possible, which would definitely help me fit in with the new environment.

At Lehigh, I found that students and teachers of various cultures are incorporated, and it has adequate multiplicity and wherewithal to lodge distinction and persuade individualization, which is yet another reason why I believe that I should study at Lehigh because I belong to a culturally diverse family and it would help me fit in easily. Another aspect which makes Lehigh even more appealing to me is that the College of Business and Economics puts forward the inimitable learning opportunities that are required by me to attain my roadmap and augment my skills, which is necessary for students like me, who are focused on subjects of business/ finance and later plan to place myself to a more large-scale play, the practical education, worldwide citizenship. As I have a culturally diverse family and because I have an international student identity, I already am a part of the global village. I am personally satisfied that puts forward the kind of environment that I require for achieving my goals of learning both in academics and supplementary contact with diversity. What I further believe is that my background as an international student with Taiwanese identity uncovered in the up-and-coming Asian business center – Shanghai China – can also add to perceptions building to peers in Lehigh.

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