Sample Essay

On Combat gives a detailed account of what happens to a human body goes through during stressful situations like war or combat of any kind. The authors, Grossman and Christensen have already written books on this subject. But the collaboration brings the best of both on this subject. (Winchell 2005)

Lt. Col. Grossman has a military background. He has been a member of the Army Rangers. His book, On Killing was written long time back and is still useful for warriors, soldiers and police. Through research/ interviews Grossman was able to explore the powerful warrior’s coping techniques because even if directly threatened, it is not easy to take another person’s life. Loren Christen was a police officer and is a co-author of ‘Deadly Force Encounters’. His experiences and research with co-author Alexis Artwohl has come handy for his new book, ‘On Combat’. (Winchell 2005)

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