Sample Essay

On Combat describes various automatic responses which are not in control of human body. These responses are because of adrenaline rush in fight or flight conditions such as war. Interpersonal human violence forms a ‘toxic and corrosive’ environment in the routine life of warriors. An astonishing but true fact about human body is ‘the moment of great vulnerability is the instant immediately after victory.’ It may not only cause the person to pass out but mental damage could also be caused. On combat discusses how to overcome such conditions and regain normalcy. (Winchell 2005)

 According to the authors, Human body requires 7-9 hours uninterrupted sleep in order to maintain homeostatic balance. Less sleep will cause unwanted stress on mind and body. This will result in malfunctioning of automatic processes such as digestion and blood circulation. The authors do agree that small amount of stress is good for health. But it should be caused by increase in heart rate. This increase must be because of SNS arousal. The authors emphasize that the increase in heart rate differs in terms of number of beats per minute, from person to person depending on their fitness levels. However on average 115-145 beats per minute produce effective performance in skills essential for combat and survival. (Winchell 2005)

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