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The last section deals with the feeling after taking a life. Relief is the most common expression. This is because the warrior thinks, ‘Better him than me’. This feeling might not stay for long and can be overcome by grief and guilt. Allowing the feeling of relief to proceed to guilt is not natural.

The authors think that there are ways of tackling such emotional upheaval. In their opinion ‘talking about it’ helps. This is called debriefing; sharing information with others and learning. Debriefing a critical incident is an efficient way of helping the personnel in moving on from the incident. This way it doesn’t remain the sole burden of any one person but it is shared by the group. It is also a good way of relating to others in a group. The warrior feels normal among others. Another thing to do is detach ‘memory form emotions’. Not going near the area an event occurred might be helpful in not attaching the emotions with the memory. (Winchell 2005)

The closing of this book includes discussion on Judeo point of view of killing in battle and gives a detailed account of Lt. Col. Grossman’s insight to help warriors to understand the requirements to be strong in the battlefield. The chapters also focus on convincing the warriors to understand their actions in the battle fully and objectively. (‘Summary’)

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