Sample Essay

Second part of the book focuses on potential perceptual distortions that may take place during encounter. The information collected by Loren Christensen and Dr. Alexi Artwohl in writing their book ‘Deadlt Force Encounters’ comes handy.

The findings reveal common distortions that might occur: such as tunnel vision, temporary paralysis, intensified or diminished sounds, heightened visual clarity and dissociation to name a few. Some people may experience more than one type of distortions while others may experience none at all. (Winchell 2005)
Third part of the book deals with mental attitude of a warrior. Important training principles are describes in this section of the book. Some of them are listed below:

First Principle: Never kill a warrior in training. Tell them to always win.

Second Principle: Never send a loser off the training site. Make the trainee attempt the task as many times as needed for him to succeed.

Third Principle: Never talk rubbish about your students. Don’t ridicule them because in doing so they might get embarrassed and discouraged or aggressive. If praise is necessary, do so.

When confronted with violence, it is not the time to wonder whether to respond with a deadly force or not.

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