Sample Essay

Lawsuits are now getting common in the recent times with laws giving flexibility and ample rights to the consumers to stand up against the organizations that are not really providing the best services to the clients. Therefore lawsuits have become increasingly popular due to customers taking the companies to court to demand for damages.

Public response to the lawsuits has normally been positive because the public has always wanted their rights to be safeguarded by the government and the other companies providing services to them. There have been many times that the companies have exploited the rights to the customers by charging them higher prices, selling them goods of low quality or selling goods that leave bad impact on customers after consumption. In order to raise voices against such organizations, customer segments have started filing lawsuits under which courts can give the ruling either the customers are to be protected or the organization activities can be defended (Ingram, 2005, p. 104).

In recent times, customers have filed lawsuits against big organizations like Johnson and Johnson, Proctor and Gamble, Toyota and many other prominent names just for the fact that their activities had either been unethical or they were not being responsible enough towards their clients. Hence lawsuits have been supported by the customer segments and response has been favorable enough to take action against organizations that do not take care of the rights of the customers (Scholsser, 2009, p. 143).

It is unanimously agreed that the lawsuits have now started being considered as important by variety of companies and due to their presence, companies have now started taking care of the rights and have started giving consideration on their activities so that there is no way clients come up with complains against the companies. It is agreed by the customer segments that since lawsuits are filed against big companies, those companies have simply being alarmed and are more careful regarding their treatment towards their customers (Friedman, 2010, p. 123).

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