Sample Essay

Darkness at Noon has done a good job at exposing the frame of mind of the brainwashed Communist people, the original Rebellious people of the party and the system of bureaucracy which was nearly brutal and considered both the groups of people as its true enemies. The same authority that he helped the power achieve stands against him which shows the corrupt thinking of theirs and they did not even give the protagonist a choice and said, “Observe, ” Gletkin went on, “that the Party holds out to you no prospect of reward. Some of the accused have been made amenable by physical pressure. Others, by the promise to save their heads- or the heads of their relatives who had fallen into our hands as hostages. To you, Comrade Rubashov, we propose no bargain and we promise nothing.”
While he is in prison, Rubashov sees the changes that have occurred in the Communist party which has turned into a party with no sense of its actions from a party who gave importance to thinking as well as theory. He decides to idealize the situation and not put up with the consequences, which in his case are only torture and eventually death. Rubashov was a person who helped develop the system, which has now proclaimed him as its enemy. He finds it satirical and at times he also finds his situation funny. Only to put up with the philosophy of the party which he worked for, he turned into a Rival, vanquisher and a schemer. He now believes that he would be judged only by history and he says, “if I was right I have nothing to repent, if wrong, I will pay.”

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