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The Vive La France is a dessert house that feature outstanding French chocolate dessert with variety of drinks. The menu is inspired from the French cuisine and the ingredients also imported from France to ensure the best quality of taste. The sophisticated French style interior with music and smell is plan to give our customer a memorable experience throughout the time their spent in our dessert house.

The attractive and beautiful packaging is design to encourage the costumers to share the experience by send it as gift or for celebration, therefore we provide online ordering service to benefit the customers. Furthermore, the dessert house will have a lot of beautiful water color painting as the decoration. Parts of these materials are also open for sale. This is another way of making profit and promoting our brand.

Company Ownership

The Vive La France will be a sole proprietorship owned by Sam Tan, he will manage the dessert house and will be solely responsible for financial and employee management. The founders of the company will also work in kitchen and manages personnel.

Start-up Summary

The founder wills personally investing RM300,000 to start up the company and restaurant. We will purchase the following RM93,680 worth of current assets during start-up:

Operation: RM15, 100
Kitchen: RM68, 000
Furniture: RM2, 590

Our start-up expenses come to RM220, 030 that is mostly expensed equipment, furniture, painting, reconstruction, rent, start-up labor, legal and other costs associated with opening our restaurant. These are the start-up requirements to the best of our knowledge and experience in the industry. The balance of the capital will be using for the future growth strategy.

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