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Team effort refers to the synergized output collectively produced by the members working together as a team. Katzenbach and Smith (2005) state in their article that teams consist of a small number of people, who have related skills and are committed to meeting organizational goals. At Safe Mint five teams of sixty employees each are used on the production plant and are managed by three different supervisors. Gratton and Erckson (2007) have also noted that teams generally become ineffective when the number of people included in the team are increased, as conflicts arise and communication breaks within the team.

It can be seen in Safe Mint that the teams formed are not really helping the organization to increase output. This can also be attributed to the ongoing tension between the employees and management of the company. Moreover, the organizational design of the company is very mechanistic and does not provide the environment for teambuilding to take effect. “A team opportunity exists any where hierarchy or organizational boundaries inhibit the skills and perspective  needed for optimal results” (Katzenbach and Smith, 2005, p. 171).

Ms. Stella who represents the new blood in the company has spotted this opportunity for teams. She has proposed that self managing teams should be set up within the organization to support the falling production of the company. Self managed teams empower employees and generally contain ten to fifteen members. They also let teams assign tasks, take on responsibilities, plan and control (Robbins and Judge, 2006). The proposed idea seems impressive but it is imperative.

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