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Schermerhorn, Hunt and Osborn (2002) state organizational culture as “the system of shared actions, values, and beliefs that develops within an organization and guides the behavior of its…

members”.  Safe Mint UK Limited has a traditional management culture, which does not respect employee input. Employees are expected to follow the set standard operating procedures and not influence the management of the company.

Employees are not believed in as assets of the company but as liabilities that should be thrown out when they do not perform (as indicated by Mr. Scotty’s remarks). The CEO Mr. Mint who is the organization’s leader and is followed does not believe in training his employees. He does not believes in incurring expenditures or even accept new technology. This attitude of the leader spills over in the organization and the same attitude is likely to be practiced by middle and senior level management. A resistance to change is evident in the company’s culture and an undesirable attitude towards employees is prevalent in the organization. The organization does not have a culture of open communication or feedback from employees. This has resulted in the employee and management clashes because employees want to be heard even if through the platform of their unions.

“Organizations must have a culture that learns and anticipates change” (Luthans, 2005, p. 119).  Safe Mint clearly fails to acknowledge that it needs to change with the changing competitive environment if it has to survive in its industry. Contemporary business best practices do not allow for such a culture, which has clearly outlived its relevancy. Kaplan (2007) suggests that leaders need to evaluate and align themselves with the changing business environment and ask themselves: “Am I attuned to change in business environment that I would require a change in the way we organize and run our business”? Clearly, Mr. Mint is not asking himself this question and his organization is suffering.

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