Sample Essay

““A Pact,” Pound’s forthright confrontation with Walt Whitman, allows the poet to come to terms with a debt to his American forebear, the father of free verse expressionism”(Snodgrass). He considers Whitman as his ‘pig headed father’, who has planted the ‘new wood’ in literature and its now time for him to continue the legacy and complete the transition.

Ezra Pound believes Whitman to be the person who had laid the foundations of modernism whether intentionally or unintentionally though considers him limited in terms of Whitman’s ability to consider the issues of America only. At the time, Pound wants to achieve an understanding with Whitman, as he believes that they both have same roots.

A Pact, in itself, is the greatest proof that Whitman’s work had an impact on Pound writing. Pound’s admits that Whitman started the movement of expressionism even though he disagrees about the cultural and political views taken by Whitman, in itself proves that Pound had continued writing in a style similar to Whitman. The main difference between the two great poets is that one’s a Modernist and other has views focused on America only.


Walt Whitman is a great poet of all times who has established standards for other writers to follow. T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound, both themselves, are great and unique poets themselves. Though they all have differences in poems, it can be easily said that the epic pieces of poetry that all three of them wrote is greatest of all times.

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