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Augustine and Gersonidas also accept both the omniscience of God and also the free will for humans. Foreknowledge of God is termed as an incompatible with the human free will, however if God predetermines each and every single thing then He leaves no room for the human freedom. On the other side, humans also exercise complete freedom which may also seem to defy God’s sovereign power and rule.

Biblically, human lives are known as predestined by God, but humans on the other hand also have free will. Along with this, Augustine and Gersonidas also address the incompatibility of the foreknowledge and also the free will. St. Augustine and also many other theologians including Gersonidas also assumed that God must foreknow all the human actions, including each and every single sin which is committed. If God actually knows this then how one can chooses to act totally differently? St. Augustine thus believed that God’s foreknowledge did not basically threaten the human free will;

however He also maintained that God has the foreknowledge and also sees all future events, but they don’t usually occ

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