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The third important emerging competitor for Toys R Us is GameStop, which is an established leader in gaming industry. The line extension of Toys R Us i.e. Games R Us faces stiff competition by the established leader that is GameStop. GameStop sits atop the video game retailing industry. GameStop  holds approximately six thousand two hundred stores in over fifteen countries. Its market coverage makes it the largest retailer of new and used games.

Its other product offerings include hardware, entertainment software, and accessories. Most of its stores are located in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Its major source of revenue is the new and used video games product line. On average a GameStop store carries one thousand new titles and  three thousand five hundred used ones. GameStop also has an online presence through and Apart from operating in e-commerce GameStop also publishes a video game magazine (Game Informer). Its magazine Game Informer has more than three and half million subscribers. It underwent growth through acquisition by buying out a competitor Electronics Boutique in 2005. This doubled the size of GameStop and its capabilities to meet market demands and trends effectively.

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