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Hoovers determines Wal-Mart, Target Corporation and GameStop as three competitors Toys R Us should be wary of. Wal-Mart the retailing giant that swept the retail industry and changed all preceding industry dynamics needs no introduction. It is the world’s top retailer with over seven thousand eight hundred stores of which eight-ninety are discount stores, and two thousand and ninety-seven combination stores. It has about six hundred warehouses and has international presence. Approximately fifty percent of its stores are located in the United States and it is yet undergoing expansion on the international level to markets such as Asia, England and South America. Wal-Mart is the top retailer in Mexico and Canada. It is also operational in Asia and owns a 95% stake in Japanese retailer. (Company overview; Hoovers, 2009).

Toys R Us’ second fierce competitor is the retail chain that ranks number two after Wal-Mart that is Target Corporation. It stocks items that are low priced and offer high perceived value. It operates around one thousand six hundred and eighty SuperTarget and Target stores across the United States. It also has an online presence through Target. It engages in niche strategy, whereby, it has established itself as a retail store offering product mix that is trendy, stylish and fashion oriented. Whereas its competing firms such as Kmart and Wal-Mart do not have such offerings. Target owns Associated Merchandising Corporation, which is an apparel supplier. It issues Target Card and Target Visa as well. (Company overview; Hoovers, 2009).

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