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The first important step for Mr Auden is site inspections and for that the authoring authority may appoint an inspector as under The Compulsory Purchase of Land (Written Representations Procedure) (Ministers) Regulations 2004 No. 7. Under THE COMMONHOLD (LAND REGISTRATION) RULES 2004 No. 6 statutory declaration is essential and this declaration has to be from the court since it includes consents and conditions. It is important to investigate that what type of estate or interest does the and fall under in the Real Property Law and Procedure in the European Union since in order to make changes it is important to consider these as a result.

It is important to consider numerous clausus of interests in land which includes right to use, security interests and pre-emption rights which will determine whether the changes in the house will be allowed or not. Then the servitudes as under the law describe more rights to property and not necessarily the owner receives all rights. It includes easements in appurtenance which is beneficial to the owner or neighbor and in this case the neighbor’s much loved view will be blocked due to the building extensions. Also easements in gross that is obviously the personal benefit to the owner and then is the right of usufruct that is extensive right and that if allowed then only can be practiced so Mr. Auden needs to make sure he has these particular rights by law to make extensions. Thus he needs to make these inquiries before jumping in and getting the building extensions and other changes. Plus, these are important to know in order to decide whether it is a good buy or a bad one.

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