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Jus in Bello in other words has been known as justice in war. This is the guideline of how to continue the fighting in war once the war has been declared in its official terms. It has been said in this case that there is no moral in warfare and therefore this is the case where the just war theory as well as the just war related laws are the ones that are being negated here[1].

There has been an argument in relation to the war that the war is itself an immoral act thereby there are  no legal limitations that can be implicated. In this case the guidelines from Jus in Bello come into action by saying that the humanitarian laws are the ones that are to be applied here in this case in which it is to be made sure that during the war, military conduct has to be limited to some extent so that the war does not change into merciless killing. There are some additional clauses that have been given by Jus inBelloin which it has been said that the people who are responsible for the merciless war crimes are to be held for the questioning in the courts.

The Jus in Belloin some cases can be applied in the insurgent warfare. As principal, the insurgent warfare is always aimed to be specific towards some rules, some people in the states who have been responsible for the insurgent wars as has been noticed in the case of the recent terrorism wave against the specific countries. Jus in Belloin this case has been brining in the rules that this in addition has to be sad being unjust[2].


3. Doyle, W.  Michael.  The Ways of War and Peace (Rolf Harris Productions Pty, Limited 1996), 52.

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