Sample Essay

The study of management has always come handy for individuals and group of people handling business operation as business management theories and practical examples have always guided the people in making the best decisions for their enterprise. Throughout management studies, it can be observed that there have been majority of research work and analysis being carried out by scientists and researchers that not it has become fairly easy for businessmen to run their respective businesses and make the best strategies to run them successfully by generating profits and high revenues (Mick, 2009).

One of the major advancement made in the field of management is introduction of the concept of quality management in all business entities. The concept of quality management keeps the businesses informed about the fact that they should be keeping quality checks on the activities they are up with and assure that they comply with the quality standards set by various quality control bodies and organizations (Taylor, 2009).

Organizations today are just not into manufacturing field but with the passage of time service sector too has gain significant importance. Services like insurance, online booking and many others have already been very common lately and raise concern that there must be some checks to make sure that the services are also complying with the set standards (Rick, 2007).  Keeping in sight the fact that quality control and quality management are serious concerns in the current scenario, many researchers have come up with their observations and research studies to help various organizations set proper standards in the tasks they perform so that there is no flaw that can be identified in the activities carried out whether they are into manufacturing or service industry.

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