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I still remember the first time when I started to feel interested in Jazz music was in high school, I watched the movie Chicago in China. It is based on a Broadway musical. I was attracted by the beautiful blue spotlight on every player on the stage, the random music style of Jazz, and the emotional expression of musicians in the movie. Fortunately, I got a chance to attend a live Jazz performance in the Dizzy’s Coca-Cola Club on a beautiful night of Friday, June 12th.

            The Jazz concert is a nonet. The main musician of the Jazz concert is Joe Lovano, who was born in a music family and later became a well-known saxophonist. Joe Lovano is well-known and recognized performer: he was the recipient of a Distinguished Alumni Award from Berklee College and an honorary doctorate in 1998. Berklee also awarded Joe its first endowed chair, The Gary Burton Chair for Jazz Performance in 2001. The other eight musicians in the performance were Lewis Nash (drums), Ralph Lalama (tenor saxophone), Steve Slagle (saxophone), Gary Smulyan (baritone saxophone), Barry Ries (trumpet/drums), Larry Farrell (trombone), James Weidman (piano), and Cameron Brown (bass).

            It took me a long time to get into the Jazz Club after a long wait and I think it was well worth it as I wasn’t disappointed. The atmosphere in the club was quite formal with low lights and brown round tables with small candles, the ambiance was further set with gentle blue lights highlighting the musical instruments on the stage, the shiny transparent cocktail glasses refracting the flickering light from the bar, women wearing dresses, high-heel shoes, and make-ups, everything was just perfect for a Jazz concert. The theme of the Jazz concert was “Streams of Consciousness.”

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