Sample Essay

Even-study methodology has been used by researchers to study the stock market reaction and operational performance of companies before and after M&A. Both short-term and long-term consequences are examined by these studies. However, as the samples of these studies vary, the results of these researches are mixed.

Data Collection Method

The data used in this dissertation will be mainly secondary data. Thus, secondary data collection method will be used. Books, academic journals, online resources etc will all be resorted to collect the existing literatures and data. To collect the data about the M&A of Chinese listed companies, a Chinese database, GTA ( will be used. GTA is a database that is specialized in providing management and financial data of Chinese listed companies. The M&A information about the sample companies of this dissertation is available in this database.

Data Analysis Methods

Both qualitative and quantitative analysis will be used in this dissertation. Qualitative analysis will be used to analyze the existing literatures, the trends of the M&A of Chinese listed companies, the roles of the Government during the process and the motivations as well. Quantitative analysis will be used to examine the consequences of M&A. Both descriptive analysis and regression will be adopted. To conduct quantitative analysis, MS Excel and SPSS will be resorted to.


Based on the special background of Chinese economy and companies, this proposal proposes to conduct a research on the motivations and consequences of the M&As of Chinese listed companies. In this proposal, the research aims and objectives of the dissertation have been identified. Following this, a brief literature review, which covers both the motivations and consequences of M&A, has been conducted. Finally, the methodology of the dissertation has been introduced as well.

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