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Inevitably, weaknesses among the Indians began to emerge. Once the new Crook Commission, with its slightly more attractive offers for Indian land, came out, some Indians signed for it. Some may have genuinely believed that they would prosper by signing the bill, but many had personal reasons for doing so.

One Standing Bear, a rather well-off Indian, signed because it would allow him to travel without a pass and because his large estate would bring him substantial returns upon being sold. ‘Standing Bear probably the first Lakota to own a store, found he bill attractive not only for its promise of 640 acres but also because taking an allotment would allow him to travel without a pass’ (page 230). While the number signing the bill was small, it set the precedent for the later Indians who became more willing to negotiate the prices of the lands to be sold and so began the breakup of Indian unity. Sometimes their leaders were frightened, rightfully, that their lands would be taken by force if they did not consent. Either way, those who resisted signing the bill eventually became a minority, with those having signed scorning, and being scorned, by those who did not

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