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The local governments can also ensure that further deforestation doesn’t take place by enforcing laws that would lead to severe punishment incase of non – compliance, defending rare species and trees by placing them in specially protected areas, give incentives to the poor local men for the conservation of Amazon instead of deforesting it and create awareness among the masses about the importance of conservation of Amazon.

Local governments in collaboration with the businesses can devise programs that would employ the local population in the conservation and restoration of Amazon so that the progress of individuals and organizations don’t get in the way of forest protection.

Other action that can be taken by local governments is proactive, meaning that trees can be implanted in such parts of the Amazon that have been deforested, so that the natural cycle of deforestation process doesn’t continue.

Businesses can do a lot as in well to ensure that Amazon is not destroyed. Firstly they can create awareness among their consumers. Secondly, eradication of all such materials, used in manufacturing of products, that are causes of deforestation and harmful to Amazon like paper, timber and etc.

Businesses can also help in raising money, by sponsoring events, which can go towards the conservation of Amazon and its habitants. Research and technology related Businesses could also help by inventing ways and products that not only will help in the conservation of rain forests but also global environment.

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