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It is said that, “Diane Ravitch, scholar, author, and a former assistant U.S. secretary of education, wrote in a paper for an educational seminar in Poland: “When a representative democracy operates in accordance with a constitution that limits the powers of the government and guarantees fundamental rights to all citizens, this form of government is a constitutional democracy. In such a society, the majority rules, and the rights of minorities are protected by law and through the institutionalization of law.” (Defining Democracy, 2000).

These are the factors that help describe the elementary rudiments of all contemporary democracies, no matter how wide-ranging in history, culture, and financial system. Regardless of their mammoth differences as nations and societies, the indispensable elements of constitutional government–majority rule coupled with individual and minority rights, and the rule of law is being put in to practices in a number of countries such as Canada and Costa Rica, France and Botswana, Japan and India. All are in favor of safeguarding the rights of the minorities, but the basic notion on which the nations were found was that the majority will rule (Cline, 2005).


In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that democracy is basically an ideas that makes a country to make available an environment that coalesces equivalent advantage and prospect in areas such as politics, society and community as well as the economical factor for the common man. There are a number of advantages of having a democratic nation. The basic characteristic of a democratic state is that it provides power to the majority, but at the same time it also presents equality and freedom as well as the safe guard of the rights of the minorities. Voting is used in order to make a number of decisions and the equality and freedom of the minorities is kept under consideration.

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