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13 feet concrete walls comprising of various segments were first constructed.  A concrete tube lay on top of the wall and enveloped the entire structure. Behind the wall lay an area which was called the “death zone”. Anyone found in that part of the layout would be shot dead without any prior warning. The wall was constructed after a lot of insight and in depth planning. A trench was built that immediately followed and it aimed at obstructing the path of vehicles that dared to break in. other precautionary measures included a patrolling truck at all times, watch dogs across the corridors and even a second wall. (Hans-Herman)

The barrier was so huge that it crossed some 192 streets between East and West Berlin, spanned across thirty two railway lines, some eight S-Bahns and around four underground train lines, innumerable freeways and even trespassed various rivers and lakes. The Berlin Wall spanned for 96 miles across Germany and was divided as follows:

  • Twenty seven miles rest across the center of the city
  • Twenty three miles laid  across the residential areas
  • Sixty six miles consisted of a giant concrete barrier the height of which was thirteen feet
  • 20 bunkers and 302 watch towers were also a part of this mega project
  • Of the total number of people who tried crossing the Wall, 5000 passed through successfully while 3200 were beleaguered
  • Some 160 or so people were shot to death in the death zone and another 120 suffered injuries. Due to the danger of escape attempts over the wall, numerous tunnels were dug, allowing about 150 East Berliners to escape undetected. As time passed, the wall was gradually perfected and became more impassible. (Harrison)

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