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Racism was also one of the key problems which were encountered during the construction phase of Burj Khalifa. As it is widely known that the labor force which was hired in bulk was mainly from Pakistan, India and Nepal where as the project managers were mainly Indians who were supervising the labor force. Pakistani labors had always had complains that they were treated unfairly at work with Indian labors given tasks fairly easy as compared to the ones handed over to the Pakistani labors. Even it is recorded that number of deaths of Pakistani labors had been more as compared to the labors of any other country. This remains another problem and threat for the project managers to manage the staff fairly. Hence racism complains was launched by the labor teams from Pakistan against the Indian project leaders so that fair working conditions prevail.

To overcome all such issues and complains a general body meeting was formed which used to be called up once in a week to discuss the problems and issues being faced by the labors during their working timings. Hence this gave labors ample chance to raise their concern due to which complains and issues were brought into management’s knowledge to be sorted out later on quick basis.

With these problems being facing to the mega project of Burj Khalifa, a quick and imminent decision was required to be made by the senior project managers to overcome such hurdles during work to make sure all construction processes are completed without any flaw. That’s the point where the concept of People management has been brought into use. The entire project team was divided into sub teams that were headed by a specific project leader of that team.

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