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Parker (2005, p.61) argues that African American women leaders share leadership traditions which have necessitated the embracing of change and resistance of racial and cultural domination and the social constructs of power. As such, African American women understand that the same aspects need to be addressed in other sectors especially in the twenty first century. They see relationships and identities as dynamic and ones which require special attention.

With a modern workplace which is highly fragmented in terms of race, gender and class, African American women offer a new perspective to organizational leadership where employees are understood with respect to their existing differences and similarities. Often, African American women interact in the workplace under double contexts interactions between themselves and other white executive peers and other African American colleagues. Conflicts arising from these interactions basically revolve around the African American woman leader’s identity as an African American woman and the question of whether they fit into the role of leadership. These forms of reactions have been shaped by existing racial discourses and a lack of diverse multiculturalism. Despite this, it is evident that such women are at the forefront of expressing the ongoing struggles of the African American woman leader. They also become instrumental in highlighting the various perceptions of the underlying conflict and the eventual resolution of the same. This invites the views of critical race feminists who reinforce the importance of centering the issues of marginalized groups in a bid to eliminate the existing racial discourses which encourage their exclusion.

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