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Consumer behavior refers to the buying patterns of people. This assignment is to record the buying pattern of consumers in relation to the advertisements directed at them.

In relation to the above explanation I have recently kept my eyes and ears open for the advertisement of Mc Donald’s. I have seen it appear on TV channels in the middle of programs. To name some of the channels, movies on HBO, Star World, Cartoon Network. I have also seen adverts of it in the daily newspapers, and magazines like Women’s World, She, etc especially when something new has been introduced.

I will now focus on the time I watched the movie “Dead Poets Society” on Star Movies and report on the advertisement of Mc Donald’s during the movie. Before the movie began, and the sponsors were being introduced, the advert of Mc Donald’s appeared only once. The other sponsors i.e Dove shampoo, Comfort fabric softener and Ponds age miracle cream. In the first break of the movie, the advert of Comfort fabric was played first followed by the advert of Dove shampoo, Mc Donald’s and then Ponds. The adverts of Ponds and Mc Donald’s appeared twice and the others once. In the second break, the advert of Dove was played first followed by Ponds, Comfort and Mc Donald’s. The advert of Comfort appeared twice and the others once. The third and the last break had the same order of the advertisements as the first break.  Each advert appeared twice. The length of all the advertisements was between 2-3 minutes.

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