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He was no doubt a person full of affection, but “opinion has fluctuated remarkably on his merits. By his contemporaries he was regarded with a sort of reverential awe. To his immediate successors he was the grand exemplar of what a poet should be. His standing was first assailed by Joseph Warton, in 1756, in his “Essay on the Genius and Writings of Pope”, but Johnson gave the great weight of his authority to the other side. During the Romantic reaction of the last part of the eighteenth century he lost caste to some extent, and his reputation was very seriously jeopardized in the height of the Romantic movement from about 1820 onward” (Lennox, p.1).


The literary career of Pope ceased after 1743. He abandoned every effort made by him for his work. His health started deteriorating, and he willingly accepted his state of illness. With the advice of a friend he met a priest and gained peace of mind. He died, in a very calm state on May 30th, 1744. He was fifty-seven years of age when he died. He was buried near a gravestone that he raised for his father and mother (Biography of Alexander Pope, p.1).


In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that Alexander Pope was one of the most well-known poets of the eighteenth century. He was a Roman Catholic by birth and through out his life he presented a number of poems that have won the hearts of many and gained the enmity of some as well. His work and style have been criticized by a number of critiques. He is the only author who has been quoted as much as William Shakespeare.

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