Sample Essay

The word ‘culture’ cannot be defined accurately. It has been derives from the Latin word cultura which means ‘to cultivate’. It may be explained as a set of values and attitudes shared by the members of an organization.
In this paper, I shall discuss the very rich and diverse Indian culture. Although India has prospered and become modern in its lifestyle, clothing, way of eating etc, but its values and beliefs are rooted deeply in the hearts of the Indians. The Indian culture is mainly based upon the traditions prevailing in the times of the King Emperor Asoka and the secular rule of Akbar.

There are certain rigid and prescriptive norms in the Indian culture that have not changed with time. For example: each and every religion in the world teaches and expects the younger generation to respect the older generation. In the Indian culture, the youth is supposed to show this respect by touching the feet of the elders. Pre marital sex is considered a crime in this culture whereas in the western culture this is not considered to be unethical. Similarly, homosexuality is a big taboo in India and its punishment as stated by the Indian government is life imprisonment. Moreover as opposed to the west, Indian families still believe in joint family living. A son, after getting married is expected to keep his wife and kids in the same house as his parents. The caste system still prevails in some parts of India and is rigidly followed. The Indians are always aware of their place in the social hierarchy. Women are not expected to work outside homes. They are expected to stay and home and tend to their husbands and children. Those women living in villages, who go into the fields to work, are often exploited by the people in the upper caste and no action is taken against the criminals. Also women who do work in offices are not given higher u positions in the organizations.

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