Sample Essay

As discussed earlier, training and mentoring programs offer several benefits to an organization which results in overall efficiency and effectiveness in tasks performed at various levels. It also has to be of great importance that the training content is updated and up to the market so that the trainees are able to get the correct information. As training has a direct impact on the tasks performed/performance of the employees, therefore the training content must be checked frequently from time to time to make sure the trainees are able to get the right information which can assist them in performing the tasks correctly. If the training content is not checked and updated then this can have serious consequences as employees might not be able to perform the tasks as per the requirement of the organization.


Trainings and mentoring are important steps implemented by organization with collaboration of human resource department and it has certain objectives that need to be achieved through such training programs. In order to know the success or failure rate of the training programs, evaluations must be conducted to know how effective the training and mentoring turned out to be. If the objectives of training are seemed to be achieved then the evaluations are positive and vice versa. For instance, if the training program focuses more towards efficiency in various production tasks and observing certain norms during work then after the training has been provided then the production efficiency must be analyzed along with observation whether norms are being followed or not.

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