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Albert Bandura continuous studied the human behavior and made a vast number of major contributions to the expansion of the social learning theory. Since the past couple of decades assortments of researchers have made significant contributions to the growth of the social learning theory, but it is Albert Bandura who is considered as the chief developer of the social learning theory (Social Learning Theory, 2001).

As mentioned previously, social learning theory was basically worked upon by Gabriel Tarde, which suggested that social learning took place by means of four initial levels of imitation, which include:

  • close connection
  • copying superiors
  • comprehension of certain notions
  • behavior of the individual considered as role model

When Julian Rotter began working on the theory, he moved beyond the theories that were based on psychoanalysis and behaviorism, and came up with a social learning theory of his own. It was suggested by Julian Rotter that the consequence of actions always has an effect on the inspiration of individuals to perform that particular behavior themselves. Rotter suggested that individuals do not wish to experience negative consequences, while on the other hand they anticipate positive outcomes or effects. If an individual anticipates a positive result from a particular behavior or attitude, or believes that there is a high chance of a positive upshot, then there is a high chance that the individual would start acting the same way. This behavior Rotter believed is durable, with affirmative outcomes, which makes a person repeat the behavior and take on the attitude for long term basis. The social learning theory put forward by Julian Rotter proposes that behavior is predisposed more by environmental factors and aspects or stimulants, and not merely psychological factors (Pervin, 2002).

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