Sample Essay

The purpose of the proposed study described here is to review the current state of both government and public knowledge and opinion related to information terrorism and to use such a review to make policy and social recommendations for how to control and defeat the spread of terror through information-related means.  Through a proper definition of the terms related to the study and a detailed review of the related literature, the study will present a definition of the problem of information terrorism in order to understand what is facing our society and how cope with this problem.

Huntington defined the world’s major conflict in the contemporary age as a “clash of civilizations” and Arquilla and Ronfeldt argue that one of the major battlefronts in that conflict is the battle for information.  Unfortunately they point out that policymakers as well as society “have not even arrived as yet at broadly acceptable definitions of concepts like ‘information warfare’ or ‘knowledge strategy,’ cyberwar’ or ‘netwar,’ and ‘information dominance’ or ‘information superiority’ (p. xv).  The proposed study is intended to address this lack and provide both data and analysis that will aid efforts to formulate workable solutions for the problem of information terrorism. This would be the main goal of the thesis.

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