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DHL enhances the business of our customers by offer­ing highest quality express and logistics solutions based on strong local expertise combined with the most extensive global network presence. Attracts, develops and retains exceptional people by creating a truly global working environment and placing value on our multi-cultural heritage. Delivers above-average returns by providing supe­rior quality and solutions at all levels of the business processes. DHL is a responsible cor­porate citizen in all coun­tries in which we operate, taking into account the social and environmental needs of our employees, local communities and the public. (DHL Vision, Mission and Values).

It has a set of seven key corporate values that it strives to build within its employees. These are :

“I) To deliver excellent quality. II) To make our customers successful. III) To foster openness. IV) To act according to clear priorities. V) To act in an entrepreneurial way. VI) To act with integrity internally and externally. VII) To accept social responsibilities” (DHL Vision, Mission and Values).

At DHL quality comes first in every aspect of the business and customers are partners to the organization. The organization strives to deliver the best and foster long term relationships with its customers. The opinions of all employees are valued by the company and transparency of operations is in practice through all levels of the organization. There is basically one priority of the company i.e. to succeed at all levels of operation and ensure the success of  business partners as well. Employees are considered assets at DHL, and the company seeks to hire only the best, maintain them and retain them. DHL adheres to ethical standards when dealing with all of its stake holders and condemns discrimination. It is a proponent of corporate social responsibility and contributes to the communities it operates in worldwide.

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