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It is believed that ““A” students average 3 drinks per week, “B” students have 5 drinks per week, “C” students consume 6 per week, and “D” students’ drink 10 or more alcoholic beverages a week. Nearly one fourth of respondents to the Core Survey indicated that they had done poorly on a test or project as a result of heavy drinking the night before, and nearly one third reported having missed class due to alcohol (Presley et al. 1994). However, there are several other factors that researchers failed to take into account when correlating alcohol consumption and GPA, and when these factors are accounted for the association tends to disappear” (Harper, 2005).
When one considers a student’s high school performance and class rank, the relationship between heavy alcohol use and GPA draws back. Consequently, the relation between binge drinking and poor grades may be because of previously concocted factors. Poor academic performance in high school may be a suggestion of heavy drinking and academic problems in college. For the reason that high school accomplishments are not often incorporated on college surveys on the subject of alcohol use, researchers have assumed that a student’s academic background has no effect on current grades.

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