Sample Essay

Previously, a research study had been carried out “among 450 freshmen at theUniversityofMissourifound a strong correlation between binge drinking and academic performance. However, when those same freshmen included their high school class rank and academic aptitude information the relationship between drinking and grades was no longer present.

A similar study was conducted at theUniversityofCaliforniaatBerkleywith similar results; however, this study may have generated atypical results due to the student body that was polled. Because students at UC-Berkley have higher high school GPAs entering college than do most universities nationwide, the results gathered through the survey may not accurately represent the rest of the country. UC-Berkley has the reputation of putting higher demands on its students academically as well, so students there may be less likely to consume alcohol when it carries the possibility of negatively affecting one’s grade. Missing classes, falling behind on schoolwork, or performing poorly on a test or project are all seen as results of heavy drinking the night before, but in reality there are numerous other reasons why students end up falling behind academically” (Harper, 2005).

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