Sample Essay

In order to have peace, harmony and security in any country, the main and an important element is to work together with mutual co operation. Government actually plays an important role in this. The economic happiness should be there with the help of which each and every single person can live happily without facing any kind of problems. Apart from this main philosophy there are many different elements too with the help of which a country’s success can be maintained.

In my opinion any country can gain success and can also become the powerful one if it is working with full dedication and also with full devotion. If economic stability is there then a country can gain success and can attain maximum benefits too. Along with this, it is important and also very much significant to evaluate the importance of education as we all know that intelligent people along with knowledge and also with better understanding are termed as the basic of a successful country. This is the main reason that why every single government wants to invest into youth. In addition to this, all the citizens should be encouraged and they all should be motivated in order to have their own business either small or large. Enterprise or the business is basically known as a characteristic of man which many countries do not usually appreciate. But those who create a place in order to work not only for themselves but also for others are for sure known as a vital part of economy. Therefore, a high percentage of business people lead to the better and advanced quality of life in any country. Therefore a country success can easily be measured if its economic stability is maintained and for this government should play a vital role in order to make a country the powerful one and also to maintain peace and harmony.

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