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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country situated in the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East. The UAE is the federation of seven political territories called “Emirates”, each of which is ruled by a separate Muslim dynasty. The UAE is considered one of the richest countries in the Middle East and Asia as it holds one of the largest oil reserves in the world. It also has very well developed economy and a high GDP per capita rate of $46000. With liberal policies to attract investment and its geographical location, UAE is considered one of the major points of investment by foreign business organization, from which they can serve other countries in the region with ease (CIA, 2010).

Also UAE is considered one of the top destinations for tourist due to its exotic mix of ancient culture and modern technology (Yeoman, 2008).  All these features have made UAE one of the best places to invest money thus creating a large job pool and making it one of the hottest destinations for people seeking work abroad. This also signifies how important networking is in UAE. Being a rich country, UAE is able to support intensive development in its areas. This development constitutes not only providing services in new areas but also upgrading already developed areas with new technology. This creates a dilemma for companies working there as the unique natures of projects they work on also require people with unique skills set. While traditional methods of searching may require a lot of time, this can be achieved by utilizing networking means such as making use of job seeker website as well as job exhibitions without significant investment of time (Pink Slip Dubai, 2010) .  It also poses one of the best sports facilities in the world which can be used to bring in significant investment. Furthermore, UAE is also considered formidable in a number of sports, such as football. Hence organizing sports networking events, such as SportsAccord Convention which brings together heads of sports bodies from around the world, not only allows UAE to seeks ways to improve its standing in sports, but it also allows UAE to advertise its sports facilities to its participants (Trade Arabia, 2010) .

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