Sample Essay

The scope of this research is limited in its applicability and generalization to large companies such as Dell. It is not broad in nature and its inferences are not to be generalized for Small and Medium Enterprises in particular. The purpose of the research is to assess the credibility of the implementation of Value Chain Management and Dell has been chosen on account of its unique organizational infrastructure that provides an exemplary model to study for its implementation of Value Chain Management. The mere fact that Dell chooses to sell its products directly to its consumers makes Dell a very interesting case-in-point to study. The scope of the research is therefore limited to organizations that interact extensively with their consumers. It is of the utmost importance to note that this research shall not be shedding light on any general areas of the utility of value chain management and intends to be highly specific. Because of this reason, the study will present minimal elaboration on the fundamental concept of Value Chain Management and will dedicate its majority to the answering of the research questions considered above.

Dell has long remained a centre of attention for numerous researches regarding value chain management. Dell has garnered this attention on account of its unique direct-selling model that has allowed it to stand out in the industry since the day of its inception. However, it was observed that most researches chose to focus more on the supply chain side of the value chain rather than at the larger picture. This meant that such researches were limited in their scope to inbound logistics and operations with regard to primary activities and would rarely incorporate secondary activities.

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