Sample Essay

In order to make the final judgment, a conclusion is required so that either a plan can be implemented or could be dumped as in not being in a position to be implemented. To conclude with this case of Citibank and its credit card service to be launched in Asia Pacific, the concept of launching the plan to begin with credit card service in Asia Pacific region sounds feasible and fruitful for the Citibank in present times and also in future.

Due to such launch of the plan the bank would be in a better position to generate revenue which could result in better profitability ratio for the bank. This could also create awareness in all those segments which were not aware of Citibank credit card service and can attract them in opting for credit card from Citibank.

The bank can only offer credit card service to those potential clients that are financially sound enough to pay back the debt to the bank on time so that the bank doesn’t suffer and all those people would be granted loan who have a sound past record in clearing their debts with other banks. This can ensure the bank that loans or the credit money is given to those eligible people who are in position to clear off their debt.

The decision to approve or reject the plan would be directly linked to the top management of the Citibank and its headquarters in New York plus the country managers too would be linked in this loop to give their suggestions whether launching of credit cards in Asia Pacific would prove to be beneficial for the bank’s future or not.

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