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The other recommendation for the Citibank is to take over those credit card service companies that were already operating in the Asia Pacific region and become the sole entity to offer the credit services to the clients in the Asia Pacific region. Although this taking over scenario looks expensive venture but it is the quickest way to become the market leader and eliminate the competitors in the credit card industry. This can also help the business retain those precious clients that were already members of previous credit card service companies/banks and now have been provided service through Citibank. New clients can also be acquired through this technique.

Last recommendation in launching Citibank credit card service is to launch the service one by one in every Asian Pacific country. As Asia Pacific has different countries then the best option for the bank is to launch the credit card service one by one in each country so that the market can be captured easily and the clients all over the Asia Pacific regions becomes aware of the fact that Citibank has now started promoting their credit card services in different Asian Pacific countries.

Introduction of proper infrastructure for the purpose and safety of Credit card systems can also be brought into practice by Citibank credit card services to make sure that the transactions are being taken place in the right manner and furthermore no fraud is being done that can result in the loss for the bank. Such systems are primary requirement for a credit card service to be successful enough so that money frauds and scams can be totally eliminated.

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