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After 9/11, the criminal justice systems of western countries have become strict. Yet it is justified that they want to bring the culprits to an exemplary punishment so that in the future their nation does not have to go through such a trauma. In doing so, their criminal justice system commits mistakes and is scrutinized for being unjust and merciless.

As I have already mentioned , that even the western world needs time and planning to re design their Criminal Justice Systems in a way that they are well prepared to deal with the new ‘specie’ of criminals that have emerged in the name of Al-Qaida and Taliban. Unfortunately, the west is not working on developing a Criminal Justice System, but is merely and ruthlessly torturing the innocent people of minority communities who are absolutely helpless. These minorities are becoming victims of not just the mistakes, corruption and discrimination of the Criminal Justice system of the west but also of terrorists.

Hence the external factors have a greater impact on Criminal Justice System than Internal factors, which can be improved and amended, but the external factors are hard to control.

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