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On the contrary, United Kingdom has a very well established and organized criminal justice system.  It is interesting to note that the Criminal Justice system is divided in to various departments and one of them is especially formulated to deal with financial fraud and corruption cases which are becoming increasingly common in the modern world of today. One can say that these are crimes that rise out of knowledge and education. Especially for financial frauds, United Kingdom has set up a Serious Fraud Organization (SFO) which has a dual responsibility of an investigation agency and a prosecuting authority. (Council of Europe, 1997)

United Kingdom’s Criminal Justice System is very carefully designed, yet it receives a lot of criticism from United Nations and Amnesty International Council.  Since 1980’s , these Organizations have scrutinized the United Kingdom’s criminal justice system for the provision of UK emergency legislation. Especially, the critics came roaring out when U.K parliament had passed the Terrorism Act of 2000, which was released as a result of the terrible act of 9/11 in United States of America.

According to Amnesty International, such temporary legislations give unnecessary powers to Authorities. Such legislations legalize human rights violations, and allow the authorities to abuse, torture and carry out unfair trials of suspects without any concrete evidence.

Such, critics receive a positive feedback from the victimized parts of the society. Even, those who appreciate the Criminal Justice System to be fair and effective, resent such inhuman acts that the legal system legalizes.

Hence, in my opinion, internally, the criminal justice system of counties like the United Kingdom are very well structured and coordinated. Yet it is the wider factors , like acts of terrorism , that binds authorities to come up with strict rules and regulations so that terrorist can be punished and the innocent is prevented from becoming a pray to the vicious goals of terrorists.

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