Sample Essay

In your opinion which has the greatest impact on the criminal justice system: factors internal to the system or wider factors? Explain the reasons for your answer.

Criminal  Justice  System  in  itself  is  an  extremely  vast  sort  of  a  system  that  varies  from one  part  of  the  world  to  another. Although  Justice  has  the same  definition  be  it  East / West ,yet  the  various  internal  and  external factors effecting the efficiency and effectiveness of Justice  especially  criminal  justice  vary  around  the  globe.

This  variation  originates  from  differing  social  economic,  cultural,  the  system  of governance  in  the  country  under  consideration,  volume  of  crime  and  even  geographical factors.  These  may  be  termed  as  wider  or  rather   external   factors  that  do  influence       Criminal  Justice  System  of  a  country.  Also,  there  are  factors  like  budget allocated  to  law and  order,  rate  of  corruption,   extend of  independence  and  supremacy  of  Judiciary  in  a country   can  be  termed  as  internal  factors  affecting  the  Criminal  Justice  System  within.

For instance consider America and England. It is far more challenging to control crime in America than it is to control in England , precisely because England is a small country compared to America , plus it is separated by sea , so that makes criminal conveyance and communication even more difficult.

Further socioeconomic   differences   between   the   two   countries   are    reflected   in   the   kind of crimes that take place in both countries. Automobile snatching is more common in England then in America, because, automobiles are more expensive and less readily available in England then in America.

Similarly, cultural differences give rise to differences in attitudes that people have towards various crimes in different countries. Consensual sexual activity and gambling crimes are taken more seriously in America whereas those in England do not offer very deeply defined laws for such crimes.

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